Windows Share Manager 2.0 Beta

Windows Share Manager 2.0 is currently still in development, but for those who are interested – an early beta version is available now!

Get it here:

If you’re getting any warning from SmartScreen filter, click “More Info” to be able to run the software.
An auto updater is included. Every time you start this version of Windows Share Manager, an update check will be performed.

If you still have any previous versions installed, make sure to uninstall them.

For feature requests, bug reports, any issues or comments. Please post a comment below this post.

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20 comments on “Windows Share Manager 2.0 Beta
  1. Mike Negron says:

    Thank you again for putting up the beta, much appreciated with all your hard work, but regrettably my Dune player still doesn’t see the shared folders, its same as before. I have password protection off. Any other ideas you can give me please. And once again thank you.

    • Jan Kamp says:

      Is the workgroup of your pc equal to the workgroup of your dune device?

      • Mike says:

        My computer says WORKGROUP, when i go into Dune player it says WORKGROUP also, if thats what you mean, and thanks for answering.

        • Jan Kamp says:

          Just like I’ve posted below: Then it seems we need an extra fix for Windows 8.1, I am looking into it.

  2. Pasi Saarela says:

    Hi ! Waited for moths and now tested. Programm was like old version and it said share was YES in my O:\ but still no access to hard drive from any my device, neither older Xtreamer or my newer Xtreamer Pro…

  3. Jan Kamp says:

    In your advanced sharing settings I’ve already adviced to turn off password protected sharing, next to this there is another setting:
    Please try to “Enable file sharing for devices that use 40- or 56-bit encryption” in your advanced sharing settings.

    To be sure the new setting is active, reboot your computer.
    Please let me know if this helps to solve your issue.

    • Mike says:

      i have those settings, i have done so much research on google that i have tried all. Hey can you log into my pc via teamviewer and look at my settings, i will give you small donation next thursday, if you can.

      • Jan Kamp says:

        That is possible, you can also add me to Skype with my e-mail address for faster communication.

        • Mike says:

          Ok when i get home tonight, i dont have a camera on my desktop for skype and used it long time ago, if we can use without camera im ok with that or teamviewer, i appreciate your time, i didnt look where you are located im in ny and its 5:53 pm now

          • Jan Kamp says:

            I’m in The Netherlands it’s 11:55pm here at the moment. I meant Skype for text chatting , that’s fine. (I don’t know if I will still be online when you get home)

  4. Mike says:

    i get home by 6:30pm thursday, yea too late for you, thanks, i work from 7 – 7 6 days a week, so i guess it will be impossible, my bad luck. perhaps i can send you screen shots of what you ask for, if that helps

    • Jan Kamp says:

      We can try it on thursday, but can’t promise because of the time. Just contact me on Skype by then and you’ll see if I reply. I will investigate Win 8.1 issues in the meanwhile.

  5. Mike Negron says:

    thanks i appreciate your time help

  6. Mike Negron says:

    Hi im home now if you have time, i cant use skype, have you tried teamviewer

  7. E de Heer says:

    I can`t download win share manager 2.0?
    I says can`t download please contact devoloper

  8. Mazor Zeev says:

    Good Morning Jan!
    I installed the new 8.1 application succesfully on my two computers.
    I can see on my MK1 Xtreamer the folders sharings of the computers but I cannot see the files with the media(video, music, pictures).
    it strange because in some folders i can see and operate the files of the media but not all of folders .
    please help/ advice to my mail!
    Zeev Mazor- Israel

  9. anonymous says:

    Beste Jan.
    Heb geprobeerd je per email te bereiken onder
    Kwam als onbestelbaar retour.
    Kun je mijn het correcte emailadres toesturen?
    Heb een probleem met mijn DuneHD smart H1

  10. William says:

    Bedankt door dit programma werk mijn media box weer in windows 10

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