Windows Share Manager 2.0 in Development

Good news for Windows 8.1 users!

Windows Share Manager v2.0 is in development as of today!

First of all I will make sure Windows 8.1 users will be able to use the software again.
Also I will integrate update functionality to keep you updated with the latest releases.

Do you have any feature requests? Please post them in a comment!

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5 comments on “Windows Share Manager 2.0 in Development
  1. Pasi Saarela says:

    COOL !! Waiting this for months.. Not found any other good solution for sharing..

  2. Mike says:

    Hi great news thats in development, i switched to windows 8.1 and i can’t see anything share, is is possible that you know of any solution now so that i can share thru windows 8.1. I use Zapitti Dune Player, prior to this in windows 7, you program perform miracles, I hope you can save me please. Send me an email ill even send you some donation, please help.

    • Jan Kamp says:

      Hi Mike,

      I’m expecting to release a test version at the end of january or at the beginning of febuary. I will let you know when this is available.

      Thank you for your support!

      • Mike says:

        Any pointers before release date you can email me so i can try, you see its frustrating to me that no matter what i tried i cant seem to share windows 8.1 with Dune player unless i configure one hard drive at a time, very frustrating, I would greatly appreciate anything. Every day im trying different things even changing registry, no luck. Thanks

  3. Peter Schmidt says:

    Hoi Jan,

    Gebruik je programmaatje al geruime tijd op Windows 8.1. Shares werken prima en zeer eenvoudig op deze manier.

    Wat ik mis, is dat als je het via Windows doet je zo n groen vinkje ziet bij de gedeelde map. Dat mis ik deze versie. Of zie ik iets over het hoofd



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