Windows Share Manager 2.0 Beta

Windows Share Manager 2.0 is currently still in development, but for those who are interested – an early beta version is available now!

Get it here:

If you’re getting any warning from SmartScreen filter, click “More Info” to be able to run the software.
An auto updater is included. Every time you start this version of Windows Share Manager, an update check will be performed.

If you still have any previous versions installed, make sure to uninstall them.

For feature requests, bug reports, any issues or comments. Please post a comment below this post.

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Windows Share Manager 2.0 in Development

Good news for Windows 8.1 users!

Windows Share Manager v2.0 is in development as of today!

First of all I will make sure Windows 8.1 users will be able to use the software again.
Also I will integrate update functionality to keep you updated with the latest releases.

Do you have any feature requests? Please post them in a comment!

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Windows Share Manager

The download for Windows Share manager has moved to:

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